What is the "Twist"? Well, besides custom embroidering your logo or design we will digitize your logo and set you up with a WebStore.

This allows your members to order logoed apparel 24 hours a day.

And we do this without charging any extra fees.
How can you do this? Technology has finally caught up, making it possible for us to create a WebStores for you and not need an entire IT staff to make it possible.
Life is all about relationships,
first with our Lord and Savior, and secondly
with each other.

Here at Triple Dog we would like to build a relationship with you so you feel comfortable to come to us for any of your custom embroidery needs.

So if you have a need for your organization give us a call or send us an e-mail, and let's talk.
What does this do for me?
We are glad you asked.
This allows members to select apparel with your
logo embroidered on it.

We receive the order, process it, then ship it out.
This alleviates you of stocking and handling inventory. Plus there are no minimums.

Welcome, you make ask, "what is Triple Dog?"

We are a husband and wife team that designs and embroiders custom apparel for others with a "Twist".